Watercolour portraits

Jennifer Ramirez the Artist self-portrait

I’m Jennifer
I make water-
colour portraits
and vegan beanies

I will paint your portrait based on the pictures and description that you send me.

Here is a short walk though on how to place an order.
Firstly choose the amount of people that you want to include in the portrait

1 Person

Watercolour single portrait illustraion
Single portrait

2 People

Watercolour couples portrait illustration
Couple portrait

3+ People

Watercolour family portrait illustration
Group/Family portrait

Then choose the portrait size

Select either A4 or A3 to get the best result for family portraits 😺

A5 is half an A4.
A4 is the standard letter size.
A3 is double an A4.

Lastly describe your portrait and upload a pic

On the product page you will be able to in detail describe your portrait and add pictures.
I always add flowers or sacred herbs to your portrait and you can tell me which ones you would like.

Describe your portrait ( Example )

What flowers, plants, animals or other things would you like me to include in your custom portrait?

Uploading images

The uploader only accepts one picture but if you would like to add more pictures you can do so by sending a message via the contact page and attaching a picture there.

You can also DM me on Instagram @warmsquirrel if you wanna chat before making the order. You can also send me more pictures there.

Ready to order your portrait?

Click to go to the order page.

Vegan Beanies

artist jennifer ramirez with beanies

Choose from knitted or crocheted beanies!

All the beanies that I have here are handmade by me. I either crochet them by hand or use a small hand driven hat knitter.

The yarn I use is either acrylic or a mixture of bamboo and viscose. If you order a custom beanie then you can choose the material and colours that you like.

See all Beanies!