Watercolor Portraits, Woodland Illustrations
Stickers and Vegan Beanies

Hi I’m Jenn, welcome to WarmSquirrel!
I create things that speak to your Soul
and keep you warm. 🤗

About me

I’m an Artist and Handcrafter based out of Helsinki, Finland but originally from Medellin, Colombia. I paint nature and magic inspired artwork using watercolors. These themes are also present in the custom portrait paintings that I paint. If you want to commission me for your portrait painting or see other portraits that I’ve painted then please check out this page!

My Art prints, stickers and beanies are available directly in the shop and you can click around there to find what you like. I offer secure checkout with Paypal and Stripe. Please get in touch if you want to ask me something. ❤️

I’m also really active on Instagram so you can easily get a hold of me there.


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