Crocheted Beanies

My crocheted vegan beanies are made with thicker and chunkier yarn to make them soft and warm. The crochet technique makes every hat unique even if they share the same model. These beanies are made in a single layer and also have a Pom Pom.

You can also request a completely custom beanie from me. These beanies become one of a kind you'll be part of the creative process.

Knitted Beanies or Knit Hats

I knit my beanies with the help of my little "beanie spinner". It is a hand spun device that creates the knitting pattern used in the beanies. These beanies or knit hats are thick and warm. Because of the way that I create these knit hats they become double layered and have an adjustable brim. This gives you four layers of protection for your ears. Read more about how I create these beanies.

Burgundy colored Handmade Vegan Beanie with a thick double brim

My Vegan Beanies are both Handmade and Homemade.❤️😊
Choose between personalized Crocheted vegan beanies or from my Knit Hats.

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