Twin Peaks fans creating a damn good exhibition!

“As above, so below. The human being finds himself, or herself, in the middle. There is as much space outside the human, proportionately, as inside.
Stars, moons, and planets remind us of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Is there a bigger being walking with all the stars within? Does our thinking affect what goes on outside us, and what goes on inside us? I think it does.
Where does creamed corn figure into the workings of the universe? What really is creamed corn? Is it a symbol for something else?” The Log Lady.

Twin Peaks is an American mystery, horror, drama television series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch that premiered on April 8, 1990. The series follows an investigation regarding the murder of seventeen year old popular Laura Palmer. The series is filled with magic, symbolism and fantastic actors and music. A must see!

Image of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks in the TV

Laura Palmer. The main character in the series.

During September and October of this year my dear friend and curator Katrina Heljakka invited us to be part of “Peak Experience replayed”. Many artists and Twin Peak fans together creating a damn good exhibition!

Right now and until November 27th the Ivana Helsinki Gallery is opening its doors to all Twin Peak lovers to go check our exhibition.

Pieces from recognized artists such as Jasmin Anoshkin, Katja Tukiainen and Mari Kasurinen are sharing the room with emerging artist such as Sasha Kretova and Mia Minerva and many others.

POster of Peak experience replayed at Ivana Helsinki house

Exhibition poster

The exhibition was inspired by Raisa Kettunen who is a toy and Twin Peak fan who likes to photo play. Kati Heljakka saw Raisa’ s pictures of her tows recreating Twin Peak characters and sparked the idea of creating a Peak Experience collective.

Here is Raisa or “Pinkkis” Log Lade Blythe Doll.

The artists invited had free hands to create any piece based on the series. The first exhibition was held at the Superwoods festival in October from 12th to 14th. It was the perfect atmosphere in the forest by the water for the topic and there was also live art performances and experimental Indie music.

For this year I wanted to work with Margaret “The log lady” and make a metaphor of logs seen as traumas.

During our lives, some of us have had hardships that become traumas. Those traumas are heavy burdens that determine how we live our daily lives and our approaches to challenges and situations on a daily basis. Some of them are deep scars that can never be cured but can be managed, controlled but that feel like heavy weights in your shoulders forever.

I have been exploring the interconnection between sorrow and trauma and how these two very heavy feelings dictate in one way or another some paths in our life and our behavior.

Traumas are heavy and unpractical, they feed on pain an sorrow and thrive in fear. They keep us away from seeing beauty, from living fully, from choosing life. Logs are objects that after loosing their life essence (being trees) become almost unuseful, heavy and unpractical as well, until they burst into flames.

For me the log lady is a clear example of someone who found a eccentric solution to cope with sadness and traumas.  Carrying a log she transmits messages to the other characters of the series that are very deep in meaning. Although she is one of  the “odd” characters in the series, her words have philosophical deep messages about the nature of our feeling, about self care, self boycotting, intuition, self acceptance and inner trust.

Floating logs by Jennifer Ramirez for Twin Peaks exhibition in Ivana Helsinki house.

My Floating logs. Pic by Ivana Helsinki

Each of the crocheted logs I made contain riddles about my own struggles with sadness and trauma but were made in a way that everybody could identify with some. Each of them contain riddles from the series that mean very much to me and my past. It was hard to make this piece and sometimes I even cried. Crocheting as a craft is one of a kind because it helps you process and meditate through the act of creation.

While I crocheted these logs I listened to “Questions in a world of Blue ”  by Julee Cruise, my favorite part of the Soundtrack of the movie about the series. I dedicated this song to my Guardian Angel.

Twin peaks amigurumi by Jennifer Ramirez

My Amigurumi piece of the main the Twin Peaks characters.

This Amigurumi debuted last year in the first edition of Peak Experience but had a comeback this year scaring people away with an “Invisible presence of Bob in the room”. Since Bob was very small we decided to hide him in a high place and ask people if they knew that Bob was inside the room. Every time people stayed very quiet… I could feel the fear rising.

Image of Bob sayin

Twin Peaks means a lot and differently for all the artists invited to be part of the exhibition. But one thing is clear: This series is timeless gold that raises questions about our existence, about our most inner desires, our inner darkness our sadness, traumas and life force. I feel honored to be part of something like this and looking forward to what the future is preparing for us!

Here are some of the pictures of the exhibition:

Do you like Twin Peaks? Who is your favorite character? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you very much for reading!

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  1. Anastasiya Matyakh

    This exhibition and your participation in it made me watch “Twin Peaks” once again. And the prequel, too. I have a crush on sheriff Truman :)

    • craftr

      Hi Anastasiya, thanks for commenting. :) I’m happy that you got inspired to watch it again. It never gets old! Every time I see it I find new things I hadn’t noticed before. The Sheriff is a good guy! ^^

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