Autumn stickers and woodland prints.

Oh Autumn how beautiful and magical you are.

Thank you for teaching me to appreciate life’s cycles in a soft and gentle way. With your wonderful changing colors, your cold breeze and your kind scents you and plentyful harvest you give me time to prepare for the decent in to darkness again.

But before Winter is here let’s enjoy Autumn and the harvest time again. It is time to discover and pick mushrooms, to harvest all the berries, fruits and vegetables and to enjoy the beauty of nature changing her colors.

So let’s fill our cupboards and pantries with all the goodies, eat apples and be happy, and remember those who are not as fortunate. Share where and when you can, for even if Nature is providing for us now there are many that cannot access her gifts.

Let’s stay humble and with the gifts of Nature let’s stay happy and healthy and be well prepared for when Winter arrives. 🙂

The Girl who became a fox - A.k.a. Foxtale

I made this Fox girl original woodland painting inspired by female power and the myths of shapeshifting.

Once there was a woman/girl who shapeshifted into a fox. She dared to cross into the other realm and through hard work found courage to shed her beautiful female skin. She did not care about growing a tail and ears!

That wise woman/girl who decided to understand her own heart, her real desires and her wildest dreams did not expect to feel accepted by the other foxes, she felt as an impostor in a world she could not understand. The foxes however do not judge as people do. They welcomed her into their pack as long as she made her tasks. Everybody has a role in the fox pack.

The woman/girl who turned into a fox, dared to play in the forest, and learned to respect the spirits of nature. She learned to care for her own, defend and set her boundaries and still be kind, transparent and light.  The woman/girl who traveled this crooked path, suffered lots and laughed lots. She came back whole, enlightened, and humble.

Some fox women aren’t that lucky about returning to their own selves. They are unable to return, either because they get lost in the illusion of being superior to the others of their kind, forgetting their true soft, kind and beautiful form or shapeshifting into an unatural being, far from her real self.

I love myths of animism, shamanism and shape shifting, that is why I wanted to paint this this Fox girl. It’s a reminder of trying to seek your highest self.

Title: Foxtale – The Girl who became a Fox.
Price: 170 € Express shipping with tracking included.
This original painting is 18 × 24 cm or 7 x 9.45 inches large.

Interested in a print?

New large sized print available!

I have partnered up with Printful to offer you this large Museum-quality Art print on archival matte paper. The print which looks great as wall Art has a standard frame size of 18 x 24 inches. The print is rolled up and sent safely in a tube and the delivery time is between 3-10 days worldwide. The size and colors of this Art print guarantees that it lightens up any wall! 🍂 🦊🍄

Title: Foxtale – The Girl who became a Fox; Art Print
Price: 21.5 € 
Size: 18 x 24 inches, 45.72 x 60.96 cm

Witchy prints!

These prints are reproductions of my own watercolor illustrations. I’ve always loved “Witches” or the imagery of a strong independent Woman. A Woman that can heal and if needed curse. A Person that is whole and working to become better each day .


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