Jennifer Ramirez about me

At the moment I am using two main techniques to visualize my idéas. Crochet and watercolors.

Recently I have been preoccupied with learning about plant medicine or natural medicine and finding connections between certain plants and humans. This is also visible in my Art. It seems like we all have certain plants that we react to beneficially. Plant medicine is still generally considered pseudo-science and we have been led to believe that plant medicine is weak compared to synthetic medicine. Throughout the ages Herbalists and people with knowledge about plats have had an important role in their communities. Not only as healers in the physical realm but as spiritual advisers as well. Today the role of the herbalist is divided by several professions. The Doctor, priest and therapist.

The more I get to know myself the less I feel that I will ever make something that is completely ready. In my Art I like to explore plants and how the man made barrier between us and Nature came into existence. I feel that no matter what medium you are using the therapeutic aspect of doing something creative independently of whether you like it or not is the work on itself and the final piece is you!


  • 2009 Batchelor in Communication, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
  • 2016 Master in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland




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