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What can mountains teach us about self love awareness?

Three small acts of self-care you can do without spending a lot of money.

1. Wake up and say: “Yes!” first thing in the morning.

Once, having a conversation with one of my friends, she mentioned that she knew a person who said “Yes” the first thing in the morning to keep the good spirits during the day. I  felt very curious about if it really worked, so the next morning and onwards I started saying “Yes!” first thing when I opened my eyes. I felt like a lunatic in the beginning, but I was smiling!!

Believe me when I tell you I feel more motivated! It is like giving yourself a big high five for having a good night of rest.  Will you try this and let me know what you think? I would love to hear if it works for you!

2. Give yourself a small kind present every day.

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You don’t need to give yourself something expensive. A good cup of tea, leave yourself a nice note in your planner with your favorite stickers, (shameless self-promotion, I know…) give yourself a  good self neck massage or put your feet in warm water will do the trick. We work so hard through emotions, thoughts, and physical work every day that we deserve to be kind with ourselves so we can be kind with others as well.

3. Let your emotions flow through you, don’t fight them!

We are cyclical and nobody will give us a price for holding and repressing our emotions right? The more we fight and reject our natural mood cycles, the more time will take us to understand they are not going anywhere. We are fully responsible to learn how to handle our emotions in a healthy harmonic way.

(Transcript from the video)

Sometimes, when I paint,
I have a voice inside my head,
that tells me nonstop how bad I paint in comparison with other people.
That voice, that I hear since I was very small has always been my companion.
It keeps me small, invisible, it tells me how should I talk, dress and even live my life.

Sometimes that voice leaves me alone and I find peace! In those moments I feel I can do anything.

I feel shining and strong and powerful.
Then the voice comes back,  and I am back in my small space, trying to occupy as little space as possible in this world.

Do you have that voice inside your head too?
A voice that reminds you to look in the mirror searching for imperfections in your body,
and the one that tells you to “Shut your mouth” when you are in a social situation because you are not interesting enough,
beautiful enough, intelligent enough?

For that voice, we will never be enough. It never stops!
Because that voice is the one that keeps us small, fragile and needy.

That voice makes us feel we will get better if we get the newest and most expensive things (Instant gratification).

Our modern consumer-driven society puts value on instant reward. Consider the rise of overnight shipping, instant downloads, and one-click ordering. We take a pill if we’re sleepless, exhausted, sad, or need to concentrate. Delays, uncertainty, suffering, and discomfort are all unwelcome impositions.

That voice wants to replace wholeness with materialism.

Have you ever wondered if that voice is actually YOUR voice?

Because when you listen to all these awful things about yourself it is good to pay attention:

Is it my own voice, or am I simply repeating something I heard before?

What Mountains can teach us about self-love?

Mountains are great teachers!

Mountains don’t bother if they take too much space.

We all see that there are mountains of all shapes and sizes and we always admire them because they stand tall flashing their uniqueness to the world.
They make us eager to discover because they spark curiosity through authenticity.

Mountains are good as they are!

Have you ever heard a mountain complaining about how tall, how short, how thick or how uneven they are? No, right?
Mountains are part of nature with all their amazing characteristics and so are you.

Mountains can endure anything.

Mountains can endure sunshine and rain, ice, wind, and even lava. They stay strong and have a strong ground. Although it feels impossible sometimes to stay strong when we have challenging times, a little bit of self-love can help. Take time to breathe (I recommend the Wim Hof method) and let all these emotions come and go, just as the rain or a wind storm.

Let your emotions flow naturally as if you have the flu. We are cyclical and it is OK to have moments of sadness, grief, anxiety or anger.

Even if self-love feels impossible sometimes. Remember you are perfect the way you are. Stay firm, stay strong, just like mountains do.

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