Paper size A6 (4.1 x 5.8 inches)

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  • Water fairy watercolor art print 10 

    Water fairy watercolor art printed in Hahnemule cotton paper of 270 grams. Hand signed.

    In stock

  • Floating calm watercolor art 10 

    Floating calm watercolor art. Available in three different sizes. Choose your favourite!

  • -20%Limited
    WarmSquirrel Witch In The Rain Watercolor Print By Warmsquirrel Jennifer Ramirez A
    Cute Witch Mini Print 5 Print Bundle 12 

    Buy all five and get one for free!
    Five postcard size mini witch art prints, included are:

    • Cute Witch at Home
    • Cute Witch in Rain
    • Cute Witch on Bike
    • Cute Witch with Cauldron
    • Cute Witch picking Mugwort
  • New Size
    WarmSquirrel Green Magic Witch By Jennifer Ramirez Warmsquirrel A
    Cute Witch Mini Print

    Cute Witch mini print available in A6 or postcard size. Choose from your favourite prints or buy the Cute Witch mini print bundle!

  • Moth fairy girl watercolor art print

    The Moth fairy girl watercolor art print is about self  love and self care, acceptance and inner peace.

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