Plant art watercolor painting by warm squirrel

Plant art the meaning of plants in my watercolor paintings

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I spend a great amount of time foraging, observing and taking care of plants.

The plant art in my watercolor paintings goes beyond the aesthetic beauty of plants and flowers and focuses more in the deep interconnection we have as part of a wider network of life.

Plant art in my watercolor paintings

Some of my inspiration comes from shamanistic practices, shape shifting folklore, greek mythology and other illustrators that explore plant art in similar concepts.

The origin of my fascination for them started since I was really small. I would draw plants and people caring for plants from an early age. With time I started exploring deeper into the relationship of plants, animals and humans when I went to art school. I have explored plant art in my fiber works as well as in my early paintings, where I used watercolor painting in a more aquatic themes with algae and fishes.

I remember having a consciousness change when my grandfather passed away. He was a deep lover of animals and plants and when he was gone his birds died in within a week, also some of the plants he deeply cared for died in less than a month and the birds at our cottage did not sing for some days. These event raised questions in my head about our role as part of this intimate deep connection with all beings.

The mystery of plants healing sorrow, grief, sadness and loneliness is something I have as the main motivation in my work. I discuss this a lot with a lot of different people, especially with my partner John who shares this same way of seeing plants and with my dad, who is a botanist but does not share this view with me. (I love a good debate). ??

One of my purest dreams is to one day become a herbalist and a healing helper. I know I will one day. But for now I am very much enjoying learning about plants through each of the watercolor paintings that people commission me and that sometimes force me to learn and understand more about certain plants that I am not familiar with.

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