What is Self Care and why is it important?

Taking time to care for yourself is a very big part of the human experience. Some people learn at early age the importance of it and some of us learn the hard way. I was one of these people who though the body will take care of its needs and that you have a never ending source of energy for yourself and for others. In my sillyness I thought of self care as something vein or even selfish.

Then I read the quote: “You cannot pour from an empty cup”.

I had to experience burnout myself to understand the importance of time off, self care and mindful work. I have still a lot to learn about how to take care of my own needs but I’m getting better.

It is unrealistic to expect instant change when we create habits, but being a visual person I have created small reminders such as stickers, notes and graphics to help me remember and to raise my awareness. Now I consider self care a high priority, perhaps the highest and these small “reminders” give me joy and spark my will to change!

Self care matters!

Eating right and finding new techniques to improve everyday life seemed like something so obvious but when work load adds up and unexpected events happen in life then it’s easy to forget taking care of yourself.

I encourage you to remember how important your time and energy are and how much you could accomplish if you separate a few minutes/hours of your day to yourself, to reconnect with your needs, to practice some form of inner meditation or to simply take care of yourself in any way.

Mountains are Strong!

My first motivational video.. bear with me.. ^^


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