Vegan Beanies made from recycled Ocean Plastic & recycled Cotton Yarn!

NEW for the 2020-21 Season!

Recycled PET Bottles
70% recycled Ocean PET Bottles
Recycled Cotton
30% Recycled Cotton
Vegan & Recycled Textiles
Eco Friendly
Made on Demand
& Homemade!
WarmSquirrel Eco Vegan Beanie Recycled Pet Bottles Cotton

Ocean plastic is a problem right?

This Vegan Beanie is made from yarn that consists of about 70% of this kind of problematic plastic. It is fished out of Pacific Peru where it causes a major health threat to Ocean life. The remaining 30% consists out of residue cotton yarn that would otherwise be thrown away. It is the cotton that is left over when cutting the clothes… Imagine that they just throw all that away, knowing how water and energy consuming it is to produce cotton.

  1. Lena

    This vegan beanie is made out of recycled ocean plastic and recycled cotton It's really soft and nice feeling. The double brim covers the ears well and feels warm even in really cold weather. Recommend ❤️
  2. Gunnar McGyver

    There's always been a little dilemma for me when buy Vegan clothes. Yes, they are cruelty free but then they are usually polyester or acrylic or in other words plastic. This Vegan beanie is so cool that it uses recycled ocean pet bottles and recycled cotton. It's really well made and has a cool texture, I guess from the recycled pet bottles. I highly recommend this beanie! :)
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